I BLOGGED OVER at Livejournal for a little under ten years, starting in June 2001. Of course, I chose Livejournal because I was a freshman in high school at the time and it was where several of my friends had their blogs. Unfortunately, as blogs grew more and more popular, Livejournal remained a kind of fortified bastion of pubescence, while Blogspot and WordPress began hosting more serious writers. It has almost gotten to the point that Livejournal is segregated from the rest of the blogsphere. While I have been blessed with readers from across the ‘sphere, moving from Livejournal would make it easier to have a few more and more convenient for those who were already readers. I stayed with Livejournal, though, because I had ten years — ten years — of writing over there, even paying  the keep it there!

BUT, ALL GOOD things must come to an end. I am now in the mind-numbing process of moving some (but hopefully all) of those ten years of writing over to WordPress. And while I will keep my home over at Livejournal open to keep in touch with old friends, I think it’s time I moved out.

WELCOME, THEREFORE, TO the new home of A Red State Mystic. God willing, may there be ten more years!