This morning, I keep thinking about a paragraph I wrote in 2007, a few days after the Virginia Tech murders:

I believe in this beauty of worship! I believe in Elizabethan English with its “thee’s and thou’s.” I believe in Latin, though few speak it outside libraries and cathedrals. I believe in taking seven eloquent words to describe a simple idea, rather than one colloquial word to describe the same. I believe in statues and candles. I believe in inspiring icons and tasteful artwork. I believe in dusty old books and musty old buildings. I believe in guitars skillfully played and hand-clap-foot-stomps. I believe in four-and-eight-part harmonies. I believe in orchestras large and organs majestic in sound. I believe in incense wafting up to the heavens under the watchful eye of a blood-dried crucifix. I believe in the wholly other present in our worship! I believe in the wholly other at work in our lives! I believe in the redeemed human spirit!

From the day I wrote it to this very day, I believe this is my own personal Credo.