I spend a lot of time on the internet. Meaning that if I don’t take a blink-break for twenty seconds about once every three days, I’d go blind. Part of it is because of the work I do, and part of it is because, well  . . . really, how else am I supposed to transform into the misanthropic, reclusive romantic figure that we all know is my future? And, really, do you expect me to write everyday?

Because I know about all this cool stuff, I’ve decided doing one of those carpet-bombing-link posts as a regular series (all ‘dem bigger blogs do it). Here’s a few gems that I’ve come across recently:

    • Mind-Tickling:
      • Leonard Bernstein, “The Unanswered Question”, the 1973 Norton Lectures. This is, quite possibly, the most brilliant exposition on the definition of music that I’ve ever heard. Starting with Linguistics, Bernstein explains how music works for intelligent-people-who-are-not-musicians. Don’t let the length of each video scare you away, as they include performances with the Boston Symphony, including Beethoven’s Sixth, Mahler’s Ninth and Stravinsky’s “Oedipus Rex”, among others. Seriously. Give yourself some time and watch these. (H/T Openculture)
      • New Scientist, “How to Survive the Next 100,000 Years”. I’m sure they were inspired by my post on why I’m neither an optimist nor a pessimist when they made this short video on why Humanity probably won’t die out anytime soon.
      • Richard Grayson’s Improvisational YouTube Videos (See Above). This man is a genius and the embodiment of wit. Improvising in a variety of styles and composers, each video is a gem. The video above is Wagner’s famous “Ride of the Valkyries” done in the form of a tango. WIN!
  • Find the aluminium foil:
    • “Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know”. I don’t believe ’em, but I sure do enjoy conspiracy theories. Chalk it up to all the “X-Files” I watched growing up. This short series presents some of the most ridiculous, like the Hollow Earth Theory and the like! They’re enjoyably creepy — kind of like me. The above covers in four minutes, everything you need to know about long-range number stations, which freak me out every time I think about them.
  • Heh:
    • The Neitzche Family Circus generates a random Family Circus cartoon and a random quote from Nietzche. Hilarity ensues when Billy talks about the Übermensch and the will to power. Trust me.
    • Garfield Minus Garfield shows Jon’s ongoing existential angst by removing Garfield from every panel. You’ll love it and take up smoking because of it.
    • Existential Star Wars is — far and away — my favorite video on the internet. It takes the French dubbed version of Episode IV and all the subtitles come from Jean Paul Sartre. My favorite line: “Nothingness, I embrace you!”