(Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Masaccio, 1425. Three hundred years later, the modesty leafs were added by a Medici to cover their nakedness. What a prude.)

Do you hear them clamoring as if talk, talk, talk covers nakedness in the garden? Religion, God, scripture, the clubs; the sex, the gym, the mirror’d selfies; the going out and the coming in; the clothes covering skin, skin covering muscle, muscle covering blood-filled veins? They scour the jungle floor looking for any old idea to cover their humanity. Listen, watch them! How afraid they are to be human! They cover their humanity with community.

Community! It is only an idea. Community! Where humans ignore their humanity. Community! Where humans ignoring their humanity gather to ignore the humanity of others. Community! Automatically making an other, an enemy, a victim of whomever you please, you see? Community! Deciding who is and who ain’t. Community! It’s only an idea.

I reject it. It is a farce, a comedy of errors, and an ill-conceived notion birthing lies serving only to perpetuate its own existence. I reject your dictations, your examinations and your evaluations. This is not a ten speaking to a six, nor a three to a nine, nor an out to an in. You have no authority over me.

You, there, reading this—whomever and whenever you are—you, too, might be accused of being a “marginalized voice” in whatever community you find yourself. You might be an other for being a woman, for not being smart enough, sexy enough, tall enough, talented enough—whatever your community deemed to be less than. But, to be less than is simply an idea! If you don’t like the idea, change it. Do not accept it. Do not pine for a seat at their table, but prophesy! Prophesy the mighty will be pulled from their seats and be sent away empty. More life, more life! You are not marginalized, but are human.

I refuse to constrain my nakedness. I call deep unto deep, writing to your soul. Let us reason as human unto human without prejudice. I left behind the community in which I was raised. I rejected the life assumed for me. I stood and continue standing.  I’ll be damned if I’m going to be told how to be gay by the gay community. I am not a marginalized voice; I am human.